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Pets and Wildlife

If you’re looking for pet and wildlife supplies, then look no further than Knights Garden Centres.  

At our Chelsham garden centre we have an extensive Pet Department located in the Plant Area behind the main store where you’ll find everything you need for your two and four legged friends and those with fins!  

At Woldingham we have a dedicated section within the main store as well as the H20 franchise.

Plus don’t miss some of our great deals – take a look at the Knights Seasonal Savers!

Ancol Cream Paw Print Pad

(All sizes)

From £11.95  C

Ancol Sleepy Paws Comfort Blanket

£7.50  C

Lazybones Cushion 100cm x 70cm

£25.49  C

Outhwaite Padded Raspberry

Dog Coat 14"

£16.99  C

Yakers Dog Chews

All sizes

Small £3.75

Medium £7.49

X Large £14.99   C

Anco Natural Dog Treats

£2.99  C

Natural Instinct Frozen Dog Food

Variety of flavours and sizes


Natures Menu Frozen Dog Food

Variety of flavours and sizes  C

Kong WildKnots Bear Dog Toys

All sizes

Prices start from £5.19  C

Kong Wubba Dog Toys

£6.35  C

Kong Traxx Dog Toys

Small £9.49

Medium £11.49


Ancol Acticat Premo XL

£23.75  C

Lazybones Carriers

For holidays or trips to the vet

Starting at £12.99


Burns Green Oat Hay

£4.97  C

Burgess Supa Excel Herbage

£6.41  C

Supreme Timothy Hay

£4.99  C

Lenric Bunny & Guinea Pig Warren

Small £7.75

Large £11.25


Rosewood Carrot Cottages

To sleep, climb in and nibble

Small £3.99

Medium £7.99

Large £12.99


Rosewood Nibble & Dig Meadow

£4.99  C

Gardman Squirrel Proof Snax Feeder


Gardman Squirrel Proof seed Feeder


Gardman Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder


Gardman Verdegris Effect plastic Bird Bath


Gardman Mini Hanging Bird Bath


Gardman Roosting Pouch


Gardman Beach Hut Nest Box



Gardman Beach Hut Nest Box



Chapelwood Children's Paint Your Own Nest Box


Nest Box


Robin Nest Box


Blue Tit Blend - 1.8kg


Suet Feast 10 Pack


Fat Snax Tub of 50 (No Nets)


Fat Snax 6 Pack (No Nets)